Welcome to my underwater photo/video tip page, full of wisdom (?), opinion and maybe controversy! I thought it might be fun to put up a few things on my website to share with other underwater photographers. Much here will end up being stuff I would consider more advanced topics in underwater photography, because many good books already exist to teach the basics. Everything on this page is my opinion, which means that other underwater photographers may disagree with me on some things. Try to keep in mind that there are no definite rights or wrongs. Photography is an art form. If you produce an image that you like, then it is good. These are techniques that work for me. I welcome input on these subjects. I'll try to put up a new concept now and then but no guarantees. If you have a subject you want me to cover, send me an e-mail. I'm looking for ideas.



SUBJECT 1: Depth of Field Dilemma

SUBJECT 2: Split above/below shots

SUBJECT 3: One strobe or two?


SUBJECT 1: Why you shouldn't shoot video with a DSLR


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